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People who make TourandSun think that although our habitat, environment, customs, habits and culture have changed dramatically over the centuries, with the sports we find our essence, something that has not changed much, something that makes us distinctly human . TourandSun Therefore, because this community, is a metaphor for human desire to return from time to time to our origins through sport.

TourandSun is the result of a perfect combination of professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities true lovers of the sea, mountains and air. Our team thrives on people who are passionate, energetic, adventurous, and always respectful and committed to the environment.
Everything we do every day, we do it with passion, confidence and knowledge.


The pillars that support our business are the sum of:

* www.tourandsun.com: virtual platform formed in 2004 that appeals to sports enthusiasts,nature, travel and general lovers of an adventurous lifestyle.

* Tarifa Air Force: School, physical stores, head office TourandSand and muuuuuuch more
eTriboo.com is an online sporting goods store.
Dive into the world of Surf, Kitesurf, Windsurf and Paddlesurf!
Classes for all ages and levels taught in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Italian and German.
Liability insurance.
Monitors with specific qualifications for each sport IKO, License windsurfing, paddlesurf, etc ....
New “Slingshot” equipment every season.
Shop specializing in technical material and accessories.

Your school, your shop, your meeting place, social center and much more ...


Stop for a second think that peak maximum enjoyment of practicing your favorite sport.That's sport!!, that’s is tourandsun.com; we want to be providers the tools necessary to live thesefeelings, because trust in TourandSun are betting more and better moments of personal challenge, fun and enjoyment in an often aggressive nature difficult to master.




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The Team who work in TourandSun appreciate the confidence you have placed in our work. If you have suggestions or need information, please contact us.

Enjoy nature, liberate and feel aliveeeeeeee!

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